Minuit Wear

A loungewear line that re-explores the versatility of Housecoats

Minuit means Midnight in French

The ambivalence of that moment was the most appealing as the name of our brand:

it can be considered as the end of a day or the beginning of a new one.

Unique attributes of the collection
Minuit Wear represents a different approach to interior clothing: pieces that are spectacular but also practical & comfortable.
It is, above all, an interior clothing line that is glamorous and fun!
What inspires us
Besides designing luxurious pieces for incredible people, we love spotlighting craftsmanship along with the beauty of natural fabrics and vibrant colors
Our pieces are handmade & designed using high-end natural fabrics: the cuts are refined, the colors vibrant and the details expressive.
Minuit Wear strives to be more than a clothing line:
an 'Art de Vivre', making you effortlessly fabulous & comfortable at Home, and Home can be anywhere.
The feel is a mix between an edgy sophisticated cut & a glamorous look.
An inspiration that journeys through time, destinations & artisanal crafts.
Our aim is to be a beautiful brand inside and out
The Minuit Wear pieces and embellishments are all handmade, the fabrics hand dyed and selected for their quality, comfort and durability properties
Our Values
Minuit Wear priority is to minimize the impact on the environment (packaging, choice of fabrics), and maximize a positive impact on the communities we have the privilege to be working with
Manufactured on the beautiful island of Bali, we emphasize the importance of creating conscious, respectful brand, that follows the principles of Slow Fashion: promoting a more ethical and sustainable way of living and consuming
We are committed in working exclusively with highly skilled professional partners and suppliers that apply high standards of social responsibility practices (honest production process, employees paid above minimum wage and covered with health care etc.)