About Minuit Wear

Minuit Wear is a loungewear label, handmade and designed using high-end natural fabrics and details: the cuts are refined, the colors vibrant and the details expressive. The feel is a mix between an edgy sophisticated cut and a glamorous look. An inspiration that journeys through time, destinations and artisanal crafts.

The brand was launched in beginning 2020: it’s first collection is inspired by the versatility of fashion of the beginning of the XXth century. A fine way to celebrate the 1st century of the roaring 20s.

Exploring options in the loungewear wardrobe: blurring the lines of day and night, indoor and outdoor clothing. Minuit Wear strives to be more than a clothing line: an art de vivre, effortlessly feminine and sophisticated. Offering a multi-facetted collection for women of all ages and style: Minuit Wear aims to flatter all body types and make women feel fabulous, feminine and comfortable at home, and home can be anywhere. 


The Minuit Wear pieces and embellishments are all handmade, the fabrics hand dyed and selected for their quality, comfort and durability properties.

Manufactured on the beautiful island of Bali, we emphasize the importance of creating an ethical, conscious, respectful brand, that follows the principles of Slow Fashion: promoting a more ethical and sustainable way of living and consuming.

Minuit Wear priority is to minimize the impact on the environment (packaging, choice of fabrics), and maximize a positive impact on the communities we have the privilege to be working with.

We are committed in working exclusively with highly skilled professional partners and suppliers that apply high standards of social responsibility and ethical practices (honest production process, employees paid above minimum wage and covered with health care etc.).

Our aim is to be a beautiful brand inside and out.


After working 10 years for Luxury Brands in Fashion Capital Paris, Mae Geri wanted to use her ready to wear experience as a specialist in retail and merchandising to create her own brand.

Her love for travel, Fabrics, Craftsmanship and Interior Design brought her to start her own loungewear line. And so, the adventure begins…